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    I saw a previous post on this with no answers and now it is happening to me.

    Intermittently when I open my Pre, the screen will look like colored TV static, lots of lines moving around. It is increasing in frequency and I have pulled the battery several times to get a restart.

    Anyone else run into this or address?
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    I've had this happen to my screen. But it only seems to happen in a Browser card. I'll leave FB up for example, and the screen shuts off and if I turn it back on to look at it, it'll be scrambled. Closing the card is enough to fix it.

    Is it happening straight up on the regular screen?
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    It usually happens when I slide open my phone and it has happened on regular screen. When it first happened, it would unscramble itself. Now when it happens, I am having a harder and harder time unscrambling it. Usually ending with me pulling battery which is an issue in itself.

    I assume hardware issue and I will probably have to live with it. So far only about three posters I see have had this happen?
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    My sister dropped her Pre in the water and it's been doing that ever since. Sounds liie your phone hardware is faulty
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    You know while getting a new device from sprint to replace the broken pre (ha- I'm not gonna retype everything, I already posted it the "Unfortunate events with phone and sprint" thread) one of the NIB phones they gave me did this right after they activated it. I told them I don't want the phone since it was brand new and doing this I wanted another one. They said let me look at it, messed with it for 5 minutes and came back and said it was fine. Handed me the phone. I closed the slider and the screen did the same thing. I handed it back and said no thanks I want another. He went in the back and said sorry a tech can't replicate the problem, we won't give you another phone. I don't know what it is but I didn't want any part of it. Goodluck with everything. Please keep us updated as to what happens/dosen't happen.
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    Thanks to the replies. I can see how replicating issue would be a problem. Since the problem can be temporarily fixed by resetting, I will wait until it stays scrambled forever and bring it in.

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