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    I've been a member of forums before so I know people hate when a noob asks a question that may have been answered, but you guys are mature and forgiving, right right

    Anyways, I'm just wondering. Is there a way to group certain apps on certain pages on your PrPrPr&#$275$;?

    For instance I'd like the first page to be stuff I'll use the most like Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Facebook, etc.

    I'd like another page that has only games and little funny apps.

    Then another page with business like Translators, Yellow Pages, etc.

    Can you manage what types of apps go where or at the very least decide where you want a downloaded app to go....Thanks
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    There is no way to tag apps and have certain tags appear on a page.

    you have to sort them manually. You can move any app to any page. I put all of my most frequently used apps on the second page because all new apps will download to the first page (can't change that to my knowledge).
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    Also while I'm being a noob. Can the PrPrPr&#$275$; $use$ $Skype$ $as$ $well$?
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    Skype is computer based application that uses VoIP (Voice over IP) to make calls over the internet. While Skype has created some mobile apps, (Windows Mobile, Nokia N800/N810, Nokia N900, Skype Lite, iPhone, Skype on PSP®) they do not have a WebOS version as yet. If you are a registered Skype user, contact them and ask them to create a WebOS version.

    To move your applications between launcher pages - hold your finger over the app icon until you see a large highlight around it. Then drag the icon to the edge of the screen toward the next page. The next page will open and let you drop the app on it. You can also rearrange app icons the same way.
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    if you're using preware...there are patches that could help achieve what you're asking...there's a patch to add/delete pages...patch to change amount of icons displayed on page...patch that displays a header and name the page (it also makes it easier to move apps around:use orange key+tap app and easy to navigate thru pages:just tap header)
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    Have you tried to move/rearrange App Icons between launcher pages?

    You can move icons by pressing them -- and holding -- the icon lights up, and you can slide it wherever you want.

    To move icons to another page, use the same method, but move the icon all the way out to the edge of the current page. The next page will slide over and you will have moved the icon. Good luck!
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    Thanks fellas

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