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    The reason is rather simple.
    The patch does not add the functionality to add/remove pages - it only unlocks it.
    It exists in every WebOS device but is hidden.
    Because palm built it (and intends to officially unlock it some day), the number of pages are stored in your Palm Profile. So if you login to your existing profile with any Pre, there will be the same number of pages you had before (even if its a brand new, factory reset model), if you create a new profile there will only be 3.
    This is the correct answer and has been every time this topic is brought up.
    I do enjoy all the theories and what not people believe or make up when ever it arises again. Makes for a funny thread.
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    Happened to me when I got a brand new pre to replace my old one. I did a full wipe and still had the extra page
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    Why hasnt this been released anyway. I've been using it since it came out as a patch and it is great feature with no problems. It was one of the first patches but palm couldnt do it?
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