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    I've had my airave at my home for a few months now. Whenever I'm talking to someone, they claim that my call is "spotty" and cuts in and out. It only seems to happen when I'm o my airave. Does anyone else have this problem? Could downloading something on my computer affect the call quality from the airave?
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    My airave does an excellent job. No complaints.

    Perhaps you have a poor (slow/intermittent) internet service?
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    this has nothing to do with the pre. Off topic maybe a bit?
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    Yes, if you are downloading on your computer then part of your bandwidth is not available to your airave and therefore you get poor voice quality. I have to pause any downloads when I want to use my Pre with my airave.
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    i also had that problem until i switched the pre to sprint only. haven't had it happen since.
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    As others have said, it depends on your internet connection. I have the same issue here. Specifically Latency, JITTER and packet loss. I would recommend testing your connection and see how you rate in these areas.

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