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    Hey guys,

    my second pre's speaker has went out, I received a warranty replacement from palm. Only problem is I am just genuinely disappointed with the refurb build quality.

    I did not know if anybody knew if you could get a different refurbished phone instead of the pre.

    I just did not now if sprint Customer Service would be willing to send me a refurbished HTC hero instead of a refurbished pre.

    Thanks guys!
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    I don't think they will.
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    hmmm... on the phone now seeing what I can find out.

    I should of just asked the gentlemen that helped me originally, he was a lot of help.
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    How did your speaker even went out? Did you always set it on max volume?

    Was the speaker muffled most of the time?

    I like to know, like diagnostics or future prevention.

    Any other Pre users with similar problems?
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    go to a corp store, and ask if they participate in the WEL program. After exchanging your current devices more than 3 times, they change it for another device.
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    I got my original pre in June, second one within 30 days (blotchy screen), just got my refurb today. So I am at 2 replacements, 3 phones, or 1 replacement, 3 phones, I do not know how they will look at it. What is your experience with the WEL program Raphy?
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    personally no, I'm on my 2nd PrPrPr&#$275$;. $In$ $your$ $case$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $you$ $will$ $be$ $cover$ $by$ $the$ $WEL$. $I$ $believe$ $you$ $had$ $to$ $have$ $the$ $Pr$&#$275$; $replace$ $within$ $the$ $last$ $3$ $months$. $Don$'$t$ $quote$ $me$ $on$ $that$ $tho$, $call$ $CS$ $and$ $ask$ $them$ $more$ $info$ $on$ $the$ $program$..

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