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    they didn't change that much but it looks great once you search something a few other things change where it says web, images etc.
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    Actually, I thin it changed back to this look. I used to look like this when I first got the phone, then lost all the options, now they are back again. I use image search a lot so it's a welcome change/revert!
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    i like !!
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    Woah...I don't know if this is new but when I go to on the Pre and click on the search box, it drops down with the last few search I did on Google desktop.

    I'm logged into my Google account on both the Pre and desktop, BTW.

    Edit: Looks like it's pulling up data from my own Google account web history (
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    The new look is much better. Sometimes it was hard to find the "images" link on the older version.
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    yea, for image searching, this layout is waaaaaaay better.

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