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    So I got tired of the crackling sound while listening to music so I looked in the headphone jack and saw that the metal tabs were all crusty and the whole was full of pocket lint. Found a toothpick in my desk drawer and went at it, digging the lint out of the hole and scraping off the metal tabs. I must say, it's a night and day difference. I'm gonna suggest that a pipe cleaner and canned air would work even better, but on my limited resources here in the office, this worked great. I can now move my phone around my desk without any or at least very little crackling.

    Ok, so this is not a total fix, but a vast improvement.. I mean really bending the headphone jack, it will still have issues.. and also, while you're cleaning out holes, clean out your ears too. The sound quality will improve. I guarantee it.

    As a side note: I think I'm gonna start carrying my Pre in the sleeping bad head first, to minimize the amount of pocket lint in the hole.
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