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    well its worth a shot as long as it doesnt have too much bite
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    anyone else have any suggestions

    Nushield - Best Quality Screen Protectors

    Works great for me, isn't a pain-in-the-*** to install, and is re-usable.
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    I probably have to trade mine in for a refurb. Speaker switch has problems. When on mute it intermittanly vibrates as if I am constantly switching mute on and off. Causes the battery to drain quickly when it does that.
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    I highly recommend the Skinomi TechSkin. I got one on Amazon for $9.95. Hid all of the scratches on mine, and was easier for me to put on than the InvisibleShield (which I ended up ruining in the process). Definitely follow the instructions though and leave the phone off overnight, and while there will be tiny bubbles for a while they will work themselves out over a few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sf_basilix View Post
    Just a comment regarding the screen protectors... While Zagg is great (and many other full-body skins out there), I actually didn't go that route, because the body of the pre is so rounded that the corners end up peeling up over time and lots of dust gets under them, making them look old and worn out. The full body ones also have that "orange peel" effect (ripples on the screen protector).

    I decided to try something different and go the route of Boxwave's ClearTouch Crystal. It only covers the touchscreen part, but so far it's been really good. I haven't had any of the edges roll up (I store my Pre in a Fortte vertical belt pouch) and it really is crystal clear. In fact, I can still see the checkerboard pattern of the touchscreen, right through the screen protector, as if it wasn't installed. (No I don't work for boxwave) When the phone is off and just sitting on the desk, you really can't tell there's a screen protector on there (if you've managed to keep it clean from oil and stuff).

    I do have the Pre Plus, but ended up ordering the Pre screen protector for now, because Boxwave hasn't released the one without the hole opening where the navigator button was. They claim about another week or two they should have the Pre Plus version, but I'm assuming since you're talking refurb, you're probably using the Pre.

    I can't say if it will cover the scratches, but for about $12 it's probably worth a shot.

    Let us know whichever way you go, I'm interested in knowing how to rid scratches myself... in case one day I need to follow suit!

    Good luck!
    Well i have a Zagg InvisiShield and not to sure on what you are talking about it peeling at the corners along with no ripples what so ever on the screen what so ever had it on my pre for about six months already and still looks great.I also can see that checkerboard pattern of the touchscreen, right through the screen protector along with them small tiny dots that they all connected to, maybe you just installed it wrong. cause on the sponge that was given with it i ended up removing the solution in to a small spray bottle so i can use it as a spray instead. still looks great and not to noticeable
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    Hey OP,
    You can give this a try : I started doing this not long after I got my Pre.

    I do have to note that I still use this to this day. I don't wrap the battery cover anymore(I use a touchstone back) but I've gottin good enough at doing it now that you can't even tell it's on, even around the corners. It last about 2-3 months( it shrinks up a bit)
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    3M makes a number of scratch removing products. Can't think of any product names off the top of my head, so check their website.
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    yeh i want to try buffering the screen
    if you can get a name of a good product that works that would b great
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