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    not working for me it just loads site
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    I was able to adjust the diameter of brushes and type but it wouldn't let me draw... Still shows some potential
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    site works just fine but like ridin1deep said, drawing ist not possible
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    Interesting...considering that runs, some fun stuff should be on the horizon for the Pre.
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    I was able to draw a blue box and green box. I was also able to draw a text box. The brush worked as well but just as I tapped and not dragging it.
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    HTML5 is still in development, kindof a pre-beta phase that lets the developers get their hands a little dirty. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $HTML5$ $will$ $run$ $fine$ $on$ $most$ $browsers$ ($provided$ $the$ $developer$ $of$ $the$ $software$/$website$ $codes$ $for$ $that$ $possibility$). $Most$ $of$ $what$ $you$ $see$ $in$ $HTML$ $is$ $just$ $a$ $container$ $for$ $another$ $script$ $anyway$, $so$ $its$ $just$ $a$ $matter$ $of$ $making$ $that$ $container$ $show$ $the$ $proper$ $scripting$.

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