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    I gave up last week and got an android. I got a PRE the second week out replacing my problem free TREO. I have a theory that the incredible heat generated when it was in the charge did something to the internals because I had a bunch of corrupted files on it that you could see when you mounted it as USB. I suspect it caused some of the issues I had with the phone rebooting and apps hanging.

    About 4 months into it the phone stopped switching over when you would unplug the headset, rebooting didn't help it was a mechanical issue. Eventually I got it to reset using a pipe cleaner. Then about a month later the battery wouldn't hold a charge (the one that got crazy hot from new). So they replaced that for me.

    Then the phone started having issue with sound quality on calls so I took it in and they replaced it. That phone had the down volume switch perpetually stuck so I would never hear a call because you would turn it up and it would turn off the ringer the minute you took your finger off the up volume. So I took that one back and they gave me another one and the sensor that turns off the screen when you were on a call wouldn't work. The only solution was the headphones or bluetooth. I stuck with that one for 2 weeks thinking if I take it back I am just going to get another phone with yet another issue. Finally after hanging up on someone (what happens when that sensor doesn't work) for the upteenth time I said enough and took it back and they let me choose a different phone.

    I hate coming here and complaining but trying to talk to sprint and palm after phone #2 was like talking to a wall. I'm just hoping if I put it out there where everyone can see it maybe Palm will get the message that they have a big issue with refurbishing their phones. Either the carrier isn't communicating the issue with the phone correctly or Palm is just putting them into another box and sending them back out without checking them adequately.

    The sad thing is I was so hyped on the pre coming out and getting one but after getting the HTC and experiencing all the functionality I'm not sure I would even want to switch back.
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    Bye.... I have had no problems (until something I obviously did in an app download) with my pre and it seems rock solid.

    Sorry you had problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyfla View Post
    ... the sensor that turns off the screen when you were on a call wouldn't work...
    Did you remove the clear plastic sheet that covers the screen of a new phone? My wife left that on when she got hers and it messed up the proximity sensor. Once I peeled it off the problem went away immediately.
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    nice first post well dont let the metaphorical door hit you on the way out
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    Hey, don't be so hard on the dude (gal?). It seems to me as though s/he gave Palm ample time to step up the plate, but after receiving one dud after another, finally gave up (which is exactly what I would've done in his/her place).

    Let's face it, the Pre ain't exactly a paragon of manufacturing excellence, and when compared to devices from HTC, or even the vaunted/hated iPhone, it comes up wanting in this regard. Where it surpasses these devices, though, is with WebOS, and that pays for all in my book. Of course it's easy for me to say this since I'm only on my second Pre (the first was destroyed by my son), and have experienced nothing but smooth sailing. Yes, I wouldn't mind if that speck under the screen weren't there, and yes, I wouldn't mind if it had a scratch-resistant glass screen, and yes, being forced to reset my device each time I want to play Assassin's Creed, Asphalt5, Glyder 2, or X-plane gets tired after a while (I bet Pre Pluses don't have this problem...), but overall, it's everything that I'm looking for in a smartphone.

    Hopefully Palm is taking these criticisms to heart, and is working on fixing the hardware so that it lives up to the promise of the software.

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    Comon guy's he has a valid point, I don't blame him from leaving the Pre with this poor built quality. I still think webos is worth it as it is far superiour to Android but I can't blame you for leaving, but for now I'm still sticking with the Pre. (Thats ofcourse until the Supersonic is released)
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    Don't get me wrong, I loved my treo, had it for a few years and was very happy and excited about getting a pre. I really posted here more out of frustration because I think the pre has such potential but if they can't replace a defective phone with one that works people aren't going to keep with it. Over the course of 3 weeks I wasted about 10 hours trying to get a phone that worked.

    There was no plastic cover on it, I peeled that off in the store, but I appreciate you asking since I am sure there are people who leave it on thinking it would offer some protection.

    It might be my first post and I apologize for the tone, but I have been reading and I do appreciate all the posts and help you all offer.

    One of the other things I wanted to mention about the overall experience that Palm needs to look into is sending out refurbished phones with the most current version of the OS or having a way for the OS to update before the profile is recovered. Phone #1 had 1.3.5 but phone #2 had 1.1 so I lost apps on the restore and had to go through the upgrade again. Phone #3 had 1.2 and again had to go through the upgrade and app issues.

    I didn't mean to upset anyone with this just hoped posting maybe someone at palm would read the forums recognize the issue and get it resolved (BTW we still have a pre on another line on our contract so I would like to see them fix it in case that one ever has issues).
  8. #8 comment. I seem to remember my mother years back had always told me if you have nothing nice to say then do not say it.
    Oh wait. Good luck down the road.
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    Corrupted files? Are you sure you weren't just seeing the encrypted application files?
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    I think you absolutely have a valid point. I'm not sure if it is Sprint or Palm, but I had to go through 5 refurbs before they sent me one without problems. Some were minor annoyances, like the slider spring being messed up so it wouldnt totally tuck the keyboard away when closing it, but on one...the damn speakerphone was blown.

    I dont know who to blame, but there is a real lack of quality control over refurbs.

    People can say you're a whiner, but until they've had to go through the process of restoring profile on 5 refurbs, they shouldnt talk. Its not like its a quick process when you figure in getting all you're homebrew and patches back on the phone.

    And you would think when you call and tell someone your 1st refurb was broken, that someone would physically check the next one before sending it out. But thats too much work for Sprint/Palm. Theyd rather waste their shipping money and my time than get it right the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th time. I've heard of people going through 8 or 9 refurbs.

    I honestly have such a diff outlook since I had to go through the process. I dont blame you at all for leaving. That is Palm's mistake for not getting the refurb process right, even if Sprint is controlling it.

    BTW---I called Palm after Sprint sent me 3 bad phones, and they wanted me to pay $100 to get a refurb fstraight from Palm... What a joke! Pay $100 more, to get another refurb that I have no idea if it will work. they offered nothing except an empty apology.
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    After hours trying to get more than 650 of my 1000 gmail contacts to sync on my Pre, Sprint Advanced tech sent me another ( probably refurb he said) and it worked. Said asurion phones are often defective so watch out. Overall Sprint has been pretty good tho it took longer than usual to get to someone comptent this time.
    Still have to be sympathetic with many on this thread. 15 years with Palm and if 1.4 doesn't address the many issues, I will be out in June when my Premier program allows better deal. Don't know where I'll go ( probably Android with Sprint).
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    I remember looking into it and learning they were corrupted files based on some posts(I don't remember what they were anymore but it seemed to make sense at the time and explain some of the issues). I could be wrong since I am not a palm developer, I just wanted to try to understand why my phone was having so many problems. It made sense at the time since it was getting so hot when it was in the charger, similar to a computer overheating and corrupting files and maybe it was just me wanting to have a reason that made sense for the phone freezing up and rebooting so much.

    Your right about trying to not say mean nasty hurtful things, I (and yes I am a girl) try really hard to not cause hurt feelings. But this is about a phone. It is a product a company makes and I did spend my money to buy it and a lot of time trying to get a product that worked like it should so I sort of think it is in the company's best interest to try to learn from customer's experiences and correct their problems. Granted it isn't like the issues Toyota is experiencing but a phone is a necessity in today's world and when your cell phone doesn't work and you have to take time out to work out the issues it is a problem (and again I had a Treo for quite a while without issue, in fact I still have it and had debated after pre #2 of just having it reactivated).

    I just posted here hoping it would find it's way to Palm, sorry again to ruffle feathers, it wasn't my intention.
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    don't blame you at all. I wish I would have waited to get mine but no I had to get it the 1st day out. Pre's hardware is crap, and everyone knows it including sprint. Cause when my speaker blew on my lauch day pre and took to sprint to get my replacement they brought out a hand full of phone for me to sort threw. And most of them where junk. Nothing wrong with being a good consumer. But next phone palm puts out I am not diving on, if quality don't get better on future devices I am gone to.
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    I have gone through the same process, my release day (new) Pre was GREAT, then in October the power button broke and then started the refurb process. I went through 5 between then and now, then the latest refub they sent me wouldn't allow me to sign into my account AND had scratches already on the screen. I went into the store and complained wanting a HERO (not that I like Andriod but I was tired of refurbs) they gave me a NEW Pre again and so far (3 weeks) no problems...with the refurbs your pretty much exchanging one problem Pre for another Pre with a different problem. i love webos and the form factor, but the built quality is horrible!!! Just my opinion..

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