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    Lately when doing a Universal Search to Google, when I try to click on a result my Pre browser just stops working. The spinning "loading" icon freezes and no matter if i close it (and kill it via Jstop), the browser will not load ANY web page. It just shows a blank page with a non-spinning "loading" icon . Even restarting Luna does not work. I have to do a full device restart.

    Any one have this issue are an idea to fix it?

    And yes, I have many patches.
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    I believe it's because you killed it via Jstop.

    But I'd personally go through my patches and see if there's one which deals with that specific area and remove it and test.

    Otherwise you could have something corrupted and may need a partial/full erase or a drip to the doctor.
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    I though it could be the Jstop kill as well, but I often have to use it to kill the browser to free up memory to play 3D games, and the browser works fine when opening it again after I close a game.

    I have a slight suspicion that the Keytoss patch might be behind it. I'll try removing that first. Thanx.
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    It's definitely Keytoss. I had the exact same problem and I noticed that Keytoss was my browser's default search engine. Once I changed it back to Google I had no problems.

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