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    Am I the only one frustrated at the lack of a European App Catalogue. I have a Pre in England, with O2. Before I took out my contract both Palm and O2 said that the paid app catalogue would be up and running within a month. Lo and behold, months later and all we have access to is a beta version, with minimal quantities of free and might I say mostly rubbish application.

    I am presently considering legal action against Palm and O2 for breach of contract, however does anyone out there know if it possible to hack the phone to provide access to the full US app catalogue from within Europe, as without access I am essentially left with a shiny brick with a mirror on the back.

    Any advice / comments much appreciated.
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    It's been stated by Palm that the full app catalogue will become available to us European Pre owners in March 2010.

    Have a search of the articles on the pre central site for more info.....

    Hope this helps...
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    chill out mate it will be out next month, its not the end of the world.
    and anyway there is far far more to the pre than apps, if you want constant apps etc do what i did get an ipod touch to accompany your pre, especially now you can tether it for free

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