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    After updating WebOS Quick Install, I began having increased difficulty with any downloads to the point that I now cannot do anything. The updater indicates that there are a number of programs that have updates available including one at the top of the list that the title is completely blank. I try and delete that one thinking it is hanging up the process but cannot figure out how to delete it. When I go to my launcher, there is a couple of programs with a dark circle over the icon. When it tap it to open the program, it opens the App Store to that program which indicates that the program is currently downloading. When I try and stop the process, it pauses it but I then cannot get it back to the downloading process.

    I cannot even use these programs now with this dark circle over the icon in the launcher. Any ideas to help would be great. Thanks.
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    try this first open web browser and swipe down top menu on left . The preferences, scroll down and clear cach and cookies. If not try open preware or use webos quick install and do
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I had this same problem. I ended up doctoring to fix it.
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    I've got a similar problem and I've had a response in this thread:

    I just tried what Shadavis indicated but it's still there.
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    bumping for help
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    sometimes hitting the thank you button just isnt enough. I had a navacom driver issue with my pre and shadavis not only sent me the driver but also got me a modified driver in order to help me.An absolute gentleman. and i'm tough to please! lol.
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