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    SIAP, the Palm Pre is available from VZW for $99 for VIP members who renew for 2 years until February 28.
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    I've heard about VIP, how do you join that anyways?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterules View Post
    I've heard about VIP, how do you join that anyways?
    You need to be a member with Verizon for a certain amount of time, and you get a brochure like this in the mail when you are VIP:

    * A FREE one-time Bonus Minutes Credit of up to 500 minutes. With our
    newest program benefit, there's never been a better time to be a VIP.
    If you happen to exceed your allowance minutes, just call us for a
    bill adjustment. It's that easy! We'll issue you a one-time credit of
    up to 500 minutes. We'll then do a complimentary Price Plan Analysis
    to ensure you're on the right calling plan for your needs.
    This special credit is valid through December 31, 2007 and
    can only be redeemed once by calling 1-800-477-7752. But you do have
    to call, since bill adjustments are not automatically awarded.

    * Save on a new phone every year. The hottest phones. The latest
    technology. Now you can take advantage of discounted phone prices
    earlier than before after the 12th month of a 2 year Customer
    Agreement with a 2 year renewal. Refresh your phone today and get FREE
    shipping. Enjoy the savings. That's what being a VIP is all about. One
    phone upgrade permitted per year with a 2 year renewal. Must complete
    12 full months of contract to become eligible for the annual upgrade.
    $20 upgrade processing fee will be waived for eligible VIP mobile
    telephone numbers.

    * 25% off phone accessories, plus FREE shipping.
    Whatever you do and wherever you go, we have specially designed
    accessories to help enhance your wireless experience. From fashionable
    phone cases, extra batteries and car chargers, to convenient
    hands-free headsets, including Bluetooth® wireless technology, you now
    have access to a 25% discount anytime you want it.
    Excludes Accessory Bundles, Essential Bundles, RAZRWire Bluetooth
    Eyewear, gift cards and Prepay cards.

    * FREE phone book transfer. We know how important the names and
    numbers you store in your phone are. That's why, when you buy a new
    phone we'll transfer your contact list from your old phone to your new
    one a $ 10 value! It will save you time and money, and keep you
    connected with friends, family and associates. Phone book transfer
    performed at most Verizon Wireless Communications Stores.

    * FREE activation when you add lines. As a VIP member, you can add
    additional lines to your existing account without paying any
    activation charges — save up to $35 on each line! So, extend the
    invitation to your family members. They'll be glad you did.
    Subject to 1 or 2 year Customer Agreement and Calling Plan per line;
    up to $175 early termination fee per line, other charges and
    restrictions may apply.
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    tell your mother
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    Looks like the VIP program ends on 2/28
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    The VIP program ends every year and then starts up again. I think they do this so they can modify the terms if necessary.
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    Seems like Verizon doesn't want anyone to know they are a VIP member. I had to call about it. Your right you get $50 off, but thats on any phone. Also, you get the $35 restocking fee waived if you want to exchange the phone within 30 days. Catch is you have to buy it in a store or over the phone, so you have to deal with the rebates. Online you get an instant rebate.

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