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    I don't know if anyone has had this experience but since I restarted my pre with Web OS Doctor my battery life is not acceptable. From 100% my pre does not make it through the night. I will try to do a test of the per hour, but I believe I am losing more than 15% per hour.

    I am going away for 10 days Thursday night and this could be a disaster! Please help... I tried to search the forums but don't see any specifics.

    Does anyone think I would be better off putting the patches back on? I am definitely going to do this, but I need to get through this vacation before I take any chances.

    PS I wish this was the only problem, not all my contacts came back, lost all my notes (ugh...passwords travel numbers etc. all things I need) so I am going to try companion link to get me through this.
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    Make sure you let your battery run down completely and fully recharge afterwards, my guess is that your battery is fine and the only thing necessary is for the batterymeter to be recalibrated.
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    It runs completely down every time I leave it off the touchstone for more than three or four hours.
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    It doesnt sound right to get such a massive drain. Download the battery monitor app and watch what its doing. take not of whether you have wifi, bluetooth on. If its a sprint pre reset your network preferences and PRL under the phone -> preference screen (verizon has a dial up network update number).

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