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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    My old Helio Ocean had the sliding sounds you're talking about. With WebOS, anything is possible...
    that was my phone before my pre too haha i think some asian kid stole it at gamestop the day before i left to go on a trip. but my pre came out of it so i guess it wasnt too bad haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkguy View Post
    I was thinking any of those: the door opening and closing, or the old school communicator or the new next gen communicator lapel thing too
    I was thinking none of them - being able to choose a custom sound would be a must.
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    I'd love to see this added to the list of tweeks.
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    star trek? ewww
    how about transformers?! (the classic stuff, not Michael bay crap)
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    Any developers want to take this on?? And yes, I agree, being able to choose our own custom sounds for open/close would be a MUST for this tweak. Being forced into using preset sounds would kind of kill the purpose of this patch.
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    bump. Is there anyone who can do this? ....or, is it impossible?

    months, and months and ....crickets. I'm guessing no interest, or it's not possible.

    ...too bad, would have been a cool option.
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    Would be fun to have this option. I'd use it and donate.
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    definately would have been cool...
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