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    Okay so I'm on my second pre. The first one busted when I dropped it. Today I was coming out of a meeting and on my way to watch the super bowl when I realized that nice little message in place of the typical "Sprint" carrier name.

    I quickly googled the name and people said all things from toggling the airplane mode, battery pulls, removing emails, etc. I did all of that and still nothing.

    It did work for a few, but it went back to this. One thing that I noticed that was odd was it recounting all my "new" messages on my one (or more) of my inboxes that were unread, as opposed to just notifying me of any latest new emails.

    Sprint support was completely useless as nothing "was on record in their knowledge base" and just forwarded me Palm's # and suggestion to take it to a Sprint repair.

    Does anyone here have a better idea of what the issue at hand is? Secondly, and a given, is there a resolution to this "phone offline" so that I can receive calls, texts, and data again? I don't think it would even save photos.

    This really sucks; my faith in palm is slowly but surely deteriorating.
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    And so, after leaving it plugged in all night, I wake up, do my workout, shower and when I'm ready to go, it's at 23%.

    What the hell happened?! My phone is completely bricked! And no, I didn't do any changes.
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    do a restart then report results it might just be a battery indicator glitch
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    Also, what version of the OS do you have installed?
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    Try removing all your email/contacts/calendar accounts and see if the issue goes away. There might be one account causing problems.
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    I have the latest version and have had it for awhile now. I did hear that there has been a sync'ing issue, but how does that affect the battery?

    Should I use the webdoctor to take out preware too?
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    So Sprint didn't care. 3rd Pre is on its way out. I don't know if this a good or bad thing.

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