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    I ordered my palm pre (sprint) tonight!

    I've been doing a lot of research on covers, including searching this forum, I was wondering if I just got a screen protector for the screen, and bought the touchstone back cover, would that be good enough protection?
    It looks like the touchstone back cover is more rubbery, and I'm thinking maybe more protective than the standard back cover?
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    if your buying the back cover just for protection then dont do it.. but I suggest getting it for the touchstone. If you want protection and dont want a case, go to you can even customize the the protector with any pic.
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    I have found that the only thing you need to protect, is the screen. If not from scratching it from objects. It's from the continuous finger movement over the screen. It will wear the shine off the screen and you will see where your finger movements where. I bought standard cut to fit screen protectors. They work great and cost little. Bought the $20.00 one pack, high end ones. And they sucked. Even if it worked well. It only is good for about a month, before you need to replace it. Cons of the cheep packs are, you get many and if you mess it up. Cut a new one, not a big loss! I got one for $20 once, it wouldn't stick right, I messed it up and was out $20 bucks!
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    get the back cover. it will protect from scratches, and it won't get so slippery and greasy. Also it looks AWESOME and is only, what, 20 bucks? so whats the big deal
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    Ive had a skin on my Pre since launch. Still on there and i great condition. BSE is less expensive than all others and has better round-corner configuration in their die-cut pattern than Zagg IMO. You don't need anything for the TS back cover. Its fine the way it is.
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    thank you everyone!!!
    And I just got an email saying my pre shipped!!
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    wecome to the webos family
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    I"m using the Zagg for the front only, cost $20 and I bought it at Best Buy. Had them put it on for $5,well worth it if you haven"t tried putting these on. Takes them 5 - 10 min and your out of there. I think they warranty it for 30 days then it goes over to Zagg for lifetime.

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