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    hey fellow pre users,

    I was poking around in Internalz and noticed in the root of my pre there are two files. "com.prethemer.themes.0..." and "com.prethemer.themes.3...". I am not currently running a theme but I have in the past so that's where these files came from I assume. I know they aren't hurting anything being there but I was wondering if any of you linux gurus could tell me how to delete them. You can't delete anything not in /media/internal/ in Internalz (with good reason) so how do I delete them using terminal?
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    bump for answers?
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    if you have terminal on the pre, use the linux cmd:

    rm -r /filepath/filename

    you might want to review this Creating, copying, moving, and removing directories in Linux for a refresher.
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    thanks aric. I'm a linux noob so I'll check out that link

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