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    I'm not understanding why my phone isn't connecting with the WebOS quick install. On the how to I used (can't link it because this is my first post) it had this "upupdowndown" blah blah blah. I typed that in and the "Developer Mode Icon" thing that is supposed to show up did not show up. How do I go about doing all that I need to do in order to use the Homebrew apps and software and whatnot.
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    upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart you have to have dev mode on to connect to WOQI
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    Close out of all apps so there is nothing on your screen but your wallpaper, then type in one of the following:




    An icon will then pop up that says "Developer Mode Enabler". Tap on that icon, then turn the toggle to ON, and then you will have to reboot your Pre.
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    I just did that now and it continues to say my device is not connected. I can see the USB thing in the corner so i know it is connected.
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    Did you read this post?

    Make sure you have ALL of the requirements done or it won't work.

    There is also a very good guide here:
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    Also do this:

    Unplug your Pre. Wait until it goes to the lock screen (on its own) and then press the power button, unlock, and plug it in to your computer.

    That should solve the problem. If it doesn't, you might need to reboot your computer or reinstall the novacom drivers.
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