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    did you see the palm pre on the kgb commercial during the superbowl. The guy that got tackled was using it. It was looking pretty sleek. This shows that the pre is moving up in the world.
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    yea but it lost to some phone
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    LOL yeah but why did HE have to be the one tackled???
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    lol I felt the same way.
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    Yeah, but people, out of thousands of phone models that could have been chosen, PRE was one of them. Its not about who won or lost...
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    And the Pre didn't loose, the web did. (according to the KGB)
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    i noticed that too. I got really excited when I saw the Pre. It was one of the many W T F commercials though.
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    Yeah. Lol. I told everyone in the room that my phone was the most famous according to the commercial, haha.
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    I believe the other phone was an HTC one form the look.
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    The Pre rocks
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    The commercial:
    kgb videos

    If you pause it, the phone is rip off phone. There is a mystery silver button on the top of it and the OS looks like the one in my phone from 5 years ago.

    If anything I would say this commercial hurts the Pre because of the intended/unintended similar appearance. As stupid as it may sound, people may recognize it and think it is a useless, slow, or an extremely dated phone and pass it over in the store. I know people who have made purchases on less knowledge (almost everyone I know at work with an iPhone, I don't even own one and I need to explain how parts of it work , other coworkers holding onto bias for a computer hardware company based on what someone told them 15 years ago , people who ask me to make their windows faster ... I could go on for hours probably).
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    the guy with the pre could of just repeated what the other guy with the htc had said and got away free lol.....he is a dumb ***, but do like the fact the the pre is showing up more on the spotlight
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    What a stupid commercial, I could find the translation by typing in universal search and looking on google WAY faster than kgb could send me an answer - and even if they could do it a few seconds faster (which seems impossible) there is no way those 5 seconds are worth a dollar, I'd rather buy a McDouble.

    BTW ChaCha does the same thing as kgb for free.
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    FYI, that other phone was the Samsung Instinct.
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    I too see the "silver button", but I think it's a reflection off the mirror onto the curve of the back section of the phone. If you stop it at 16 seconds, it shows the front which is clearly a Pre. I'm not sure how much it hurts palm though. Watching in real time, it happens so fast, it could be any vertical slider(slides along the long axis).
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