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    just saw the KGB SuperBowl Ad, it feature our dear PrPrPr&#$275$;.. $Nice$!!
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    but it lost to a dumphone
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    true, I think it was one the Instict model. Oh well, back to the game.. Who DAT!! Lol
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    He should have googled his question.
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    lol universal search should've won
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    he lost because he typed too slow he wasnt adjusted to the kb yet
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    Just logging in to post the same thing. Definitely too bad it lost the "battle." At least it was a commercial about something else and the Pre itself.
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    in his defense it's really hard to concentrate when you staring at a 400lb sumo wrestler..
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    but he didnt have to look to type the other guy had a touch screen only phone so he wouldve had to
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    Its not apples to apples comparison.
    I bet Pre's keyboard is better than most phones out there sans Blackberry.
    I didn't like that they used Pre for this add.
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    they used the pre to represent a smart phone. KGB makes their money off of high priced txt messages. The idea was to show you get info faster by paying for a text message rather than using Google.

    Also, they chose the pre because it looks slick.
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