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    Hi WebOS Community!

    First of all, I love the community here, web blogs, reviews and all the goodies. Very Pre-centric haha lovin' it~ So much love for what I think is the most robust and capable platform. Way to go Palm, way to go.

    Second, I have bought the Pre+ few days ago and I am so glad I didn't go with an Android or Blackberry. Sorry Google, but I think Palm has better platform although your manufactured phones have better hardware.

    Third, Q & A time!
    1. I'm aware that our Pres can sync with Facebook, thus the good stuff like updated picture ID for our contacts.
    Q: If we sync does everyone from Facebook friend's list show up on our Pres' contact list? As for me I'm hoping I can choose and pick who I want on my Pre's contact list, instead of deleting them one by one. [Actually, I've deactivated my FB and just want pictures for the ID lol. I don't think there's an undo button.. lol]

    2. Let's talk about the hardware. Some Pres have bleeding screen. So do I (bottom right corner). I can deal with it as long as it doesn't get worse.
    Q: Does it get worse?

    3. Oreo. Not quite. Can we call this one the squeaky-click? I noticed when the phone is closed, it is rock-solid. But when the phone is open, it's less sturdy, and whenever I press on and around the gesture area (anywhere on the bottom of the screen) the phone makes a "click," like there's a gap. And when you keep clicking, it makes a squeak.
    Q: Does anyone else have a click-squeak?
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    Okay, forget Qs 2 & 3. I'm taking my Pre+ back to the store to get a new one tomorrow.
    It's not acceptable that I have to deal with a poorly built device from out of the box, especially considering I just signed a 2yr contract with them.
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    So far, I don't know of any way to block certain people from Facebook. Everyone I am friends with shows up. That's not much of a problem, though, because it doesn't take up much memory (compared to my other databases).

    I had a slight bleed-in on my first Pre, but my second one is fine. I agree with you, that for the price I paid, I want a clean machine.

    Welcome to the forums - you can learn a lot here!

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