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    the only game or app that when I start it I get the too many cards open although no cards are open. If I wait for ten minutes and try again it works. This is very annoying
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    restart luna
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    even if I restart the whole phone
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    I experience the same thing too with Need 4 speed. I tap once, it says "too many cards" I tap again, and it opens....weird
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    restart luna
    Luna works for me as well
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    but I don't want to have to restart luna everytime I play, where the memory leak and why is it not fixed?
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    I just got the error trying to launch NFSU.
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    palm needs to fix the memory leaks. it's the OS, because the iphone plays games just fine without having to do all these acrobatic stunts to get games to work the first time
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    the iphone kills everything but core apps when you close an app making memory leaks harder to happen
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    Almost every 3d game has this problem it seems.

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