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    My PrPrPr $worked$ $fine$ $all$ $the$ $day$ $until$ $it$ $updates$ $to$ $1$.$3$.$5$.$2$: $I$ $can$'$t$ $do$ $anything$ $with$ $network$ ($phone$ $call$ $and$ $messages$)! $I$ $tried$ $others$ $sim$-$card$ $but$ $the$ $problem$ $still$. $However$, $all$ $the$ $functions$ ($contacts$, $agenda$, $email$, $apps$) $are$ $working$ $well$.
    What's happening?

    Palm PrPrPr $bought$ $in$ $Germany$ $3$ $months$ $ago$
    Using it in Switerzland (Orange)
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    Since I'm in the States, I have no experience with that update. All I can suggest is to reset the device by taking the battery out and putting it back in.

    BTW, how is the Pre being received in the father land?

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    thanks for trying with your idea! I did restart many times (by changing with other sim cards I have) but I'm still without service...

    and to answer your question, Palm is dead here in Geneva (but we are few to have the PrPrPr $and$ $we$ $all$ $love$ $it$! $at$ $least$ $until$ $this$ $update$!!!)
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    Go into Device info->Reset option-> Full erase
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    Done, and everything is working know, thanks!

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