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    so I finally beat the game. Wow the last mission on the game is pretty hard. Has anyone else beat the game
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    i'm close... when i beat it, i'm gonna need another game (hint hint nova)
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    So how frustrating was it to play? How long did it take you before you got the controls down?

    I guess the good thing is that a lot of these games use a similar control scheme, so after a while, us phone gamers should get pretty proficient with it.
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    I have all of it done except the first series; silenced skies. I cannot for the life of me, get past the part where you're looking down at tanks coming in.
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    I bought it the day it came out and beat it this morning. I wasn't palying it all the time. Took me like a full mission to figure out the controls. I'm using the standard controls. I tried using the double but was really hard
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    I beat it a few days after i bought it. but now my joystick wont work and i dunno where the saves are. :[
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    i cant get past the train level. Stupid turrets are hard to hit. any advice?
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