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    Out of curiousity...I wanted to ask

    Had any Palm Pre Plus(or maybe even Palm Pre) noticed a delay in receiving texts compared to your last device before getting the Pre Plus/Pre?

    Coming from an Android Device(Moto Droid & Eris), I would see occasional delays in the text I would get but that was more of the application.

    However, it seems like with my pre...I often have to resend the text multiple times.

    at first, I copped it up to signal strength and the area i'm in.

    True...Where I live is a little rural...But I also have a network extender that I got from VZW and it has helped incredibly with my signal...I went from 1 bar(If i was lucky) before having it to 3(the least)-5(the usual) after buying it and my eris and droid would have maybe a minute between me sending the text, it going to the person and receiving it back from them.

    I've even went to other cities(Raleigh, NC...AC, NJ & Philadelphia) and noticed the delays are still there even without a network extended and being in "perfect coverage"

    I've tried sending myself a text and noticed delays...

    I was just curious had you noticed this with your pre plus or pre?

    It's my first thread so I hope I didn't recycle a thread

    and excuse any typos....
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    Sounds like carrier, possibly? I never had verizon so I wouldn't know. I manage the phone accounts for my employer and we also use nextel. Text messages on that carrier are horrid. You're better off writing the message with pen & paper and sending it via pony express.
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    Neither my wife or I have had that problem on our phones. In fact sending/receiving messages is much quicker than any phone I've had before. If I text someone it seems they receive the message within a second or two of me sending it. Of course, I am in an urban area so if it is a coverage issue I might not be susceptible to that problem.
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    I haven't had any issues, either, but am also in an urban area with really good coverage.
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    I definitely haven't noticed this, but I am on Sprint and don't have the Plus.

    But I receive and send messages immediately. So far I haven't experienced any delays.
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    I receive my text messages rather quickly. It's almost like an instant messaging program.
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    Hmmm...I switched back to my eris just to test it and it "Seems" faster than the pre.
    IDK what else I can do.

    I've already dealt with the lack of apps on webos(this is my first phone from palm) but overall if anybody can help me figure out what i could do about this issue, i'd gladly switch back to my pre

    It's just frustrating...

    Do you think it could be something wrong with my plus? I know someone said the carrier but i never had this issue(not as much) with any of my other verizon phoens and I've had the two android devices, a storm, imagio, omnia, env touch and a few others
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    It seems as though the problem might isolated to your phone judging by the responses above. I would go to verizon and see if they will exchange your phone for a new one. If it happens with a new phone also then the problem might be with the coverage in your area.
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    I don't believe its the Pre. I've had messages delayed on my Treo before sometimes up to an hour or more. Not very often..but it happens. I suspect that the network is the cause.
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