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    has anybody been charged an extra fee using this app yet?
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    has anybody been charged an extra fee using this app yet?
    nope..but i barely use one in a blue moon

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    not once have i been charged for using a tethering program on any phone including the pre. in fact, ive logged onto my spring account to check data usage from the month before i used tethering, and a month i tethered heavily. i actually use more mb w/o tethering than with. and that included downloading updates for my computer!

    i really dont tether that much either, but i'll occasionally go through phases where ill use it for a few hours a month. the first time i got tethering working on my treo 800w i used it a ton, and that was my month for comparison.
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    I used to use tethering as my primary internet connection with me Pre. Even with heavy flash game usage, web browsing, computer updates, and a couple torrents, I averaged about 3 gigs a month. I never got any fee for it either.
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    alright thx. Just wanted to check because I use it for emergencies or with an itouch on the road

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