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    thats just stooping to a trolls level going to what will obviously be a biased websites forums to argue
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    that thread is more than a month old and that;s all they could come up with. Why bother? It's really a matter of subjective opinion anyway.
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    Don't feed the Troll.....
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    it wouldnt be feeding the troll it would be BECOMING the troll
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    a month old and 3 posts? not very epic if you ask me.
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    well androids community is hardly as epic as webos's
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    stir fry alot?? hahaha bf.c ftw
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    What's up BG? I see you just joined. If you haven't already installed Preware and WOQI you should look into it. It makes the Pre 100x better.
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    Haha yeah dude I just installed some stuff last night, I can play gameboy games now on my phone
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    sorry i am not a troll
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    I'm new and I never played with A Pre before, and I really want one. I might go get it later today. So how Do I get WOQI And Preware? I never touched a Pre before.
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    is it bad luck to be post #13?
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    Hmm. This thread went downhill in a hurry! lol
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    hey billy goat i just saw that you said you can play gameboy games on your pre, what gameboy games exactly?
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    I don't see the sense of it.
    We don't want others trolling our forums so we don't troll theirs.


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