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    that's why when you go to device info>interactive test> test screen and go through the 4 colors, they have a white bar at the bottom...
    I see what you mean, but that seems to me a bug rather than a hardware issue. Check this: when doing the test, change to card view. You'll keep on seeing the white bar there. Wait until it disappears, then change to fullscreen again. It's only when the button appears that the bar turns white.

    Edit: Actually, you can even reproduce this behavior on the emulator. The white bar appears anyway. So it's definitely a bug or a poorly implemented feature. The hardware is in perfect conditions.
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    I have some kind of round halo in the left of the screen, but i can really see it when the background is a single dark color. Overall, the rest of the phone is pretty good, so I think I'll keep it for now. Is this what you are talking about or is this a different thing.
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    Yes, that might be a blotch. Some users have been reporting those - specially with the first batch of pres (i don't know the exact percentage, but sure it's not "all of them"). Since your device should still be within warranty, you have the right to get it repaired.
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