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    I was having 2 problems. 1, Pre was not charging on Touchstone. 2, phone was not getting a good connection next to my Airave. Solved both with tip from here, Orange + Sym + R = Reset while Pre is on Touchstone. Solved both problems, batter immediately started charging and instantly 5 bars. Problem solved.
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    Thanks, sometimes my phone gets a little touchy about wether or not it wants to work right on the Touchstone or not. Next time it goes goofy on me when I put in on there I am going to try this.
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    thx for great tip!
    now I don't have to go to reset first to reset! Because i noticed the same problem. With me it was after a instal.
    I wanted to search for a post for
    not charging after a reset after a preware instal only then i would not charge even when correctly placed.

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