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    i tried searching and didnt find anything on this so here goes. i just bought a pre off a sprint employee so i could save my upgrade just in case. the phone is in good shape and everything seems to be working fine. i have been adding a few patches and preware ect. anyway i noticed that when the phone restarts either from a battery pull or just a luna reset it no longer makes the sound when it is done. the notification sound. i dont think it is a big deal because as i said the phone seems fine but i am wondering if anyone else had that issue.
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    that sound came with one of the more recent updates.

    what version is the phone running?
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    I have the most recent update. I didnt know that that came with a recent update. i thought it was always that way.
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    what sound are you talking about? if you're talking about the notification sound, that's because you have a new voicemail or text message.
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    Yeah, there is no start up sound. You might have had a text, voicemail or email alert pop in during the boot process or had your Pre plugged in/charging.
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    How hard would it be to make the Pre play a sound on startup? That would actually be kinda cool...
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    If you don't mind slowing boot times down while an MP3 or such loads to play a two second sound..........I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult. Personally, I turn startup sounds off on everything I can. I know the thing is booting, I don't need Lady Gaga to tell me.

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