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    I have been looking for a teardown (like ifixit) of the PP+ and haven't found one. Anyone seen one?

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    i'd imagine its exactly the same as sprint pre just with different flash and ram chips
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    That may be the case, but without the center button there is the possibility of moving things around a little bit. I would like to see for sure. I'm looking for differences in the engineering rather than the breakdown of the hardware used.
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    the whole front is one solid piece so the center button or lack of one wont make a difference
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    Well, you might be right. I haven't seen a teardown after all. But looking at this picture from the Pre teardown, there's quite a bit of space on the communications board to accomodate the center button (at the top of the picture shown. Also, there is an additional bezel within the pre to accomodate the hardware for the button itself. The bezel in question is second from the left on the top row of parts on this picture. The center button also requires cabling from the touchscreen to it and then to the processor pcb. It would seem that Palm would want to simplify the engineering, lowing the cost of production, if they are going to remove a component from the design.

    And, we also know that they have made incremental improvements to the slider mechanism and the battery cover since the first Pre came out.

    It's just out of curiosity at this point. I would like to see the changes in living color. I guess I'll just emal the guys at ifixit and see if I can convince them to do another teardown.

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