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    Between now and February 20 Engadget is taking votes on the best tech stuff of 2009. The Pre has been nominated in 5 different categories. It would be a cryin' shame to see the iphone win "best smartphone of the year" when it can't hold a candle to the get off this site for 10 seconds and get your vote in!!!!!

    Vote for the 2009 Engadget Awards! -- Engadget

    Yes, this has all been posted in the Articles section but in case you missed it this is your chance to vote.
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    I'm actually amazed at how well Palm is doing in the Engadget Awards - the Palm representative in each category takes mostly either 2nd or 3rd place. Good work, Palm!
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    And the Droid community has obviously been active--it wasn't long ago that the Pre was leading the Droid in voting. Of course, Apple will win this because its fanbase takes things like this personally, and so a 2nd place finish is really the same as 1st place for everyone else.

    Oh, and Go Colts!
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    Guys also vote for the touchstone (bottom few)
    Don't let the darn "Mighty Mouse" beat it!!

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