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    Quote Originally Posted by santos View Post
    I don't know if he said it, but that is the general understanding.
    That's what I believe, too. I'll get the email when the Beta for the Pre is available (they don't say Pixi, which makes sense, that's a much less powerful phone, probably wouldn't be able to run Flash Player well).

    Windows understanding is Flash Player will run in WinMo 6.5, but older devices will only be Flash enabled. Not a particularly huge deal, you can run Skyfire on those phones for basic Flash stuff. I don't know about WinMo 7, and Apple is pushing HTML5 rather than existing tech.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    The Android robot told you? LOL

    Symbian won't be the only one to not have flash, don't forget a certain phone from a certain fruit company, and according to what I just read on Engadget, WinMo7 won't have Flash either. They said the browser is going to be built on IE7 with some IE8 functionality, but due to time constraints, there won't be flash for the new WinMo yet.
    That sounds like a nightmare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddlekins View Post
    That sounds like a nightmare.
    Yeah....I wonder if those phones will be spyware it though!

    Here's the article.

    Rumored Windows Phone 7 details surface ahead of MWC launch: Zune-like UI, no multitasking -- Engadget
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outkast1386 View Post
    I heard it will come in late feb by an little green man.
    Don't ye' know that them little green men be always lyin' to ya? He's been nippin' a bit on the bottle but he loves ya just the same! If you can find his pot'Ogold, yer' troubles will be over!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    didn't runbenstein say that 1.4 will allow for flash but that it would be downloaded separately when its ready.
    I remember that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildroopie View Post
    I find it funny for one, that a Palm rep would actually be at a Verizon Store. Aren't they just ordinary sales people...
    Palm supported the Pre's Sprint rollout by providing Palm reps for the first week or two at many of Sprint's higher volume retail stores. I'm sure Verizon asked for and got the same thing ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildroopie View Post
    Two, I don't think a rep would have the inside track as to when the parent company will be delivery updates, especially new technologies (i.e. flash, video) from OTA updates.
    You are correct. I have talked to a couple of "Palm" reps. One guy told me that he answered a wanted ad on and Palm sent him a Pre and a couple of training DVD's. He had never even been to Palm HQ. I asked him if he was under a NDA and he laughed and said he was not because they don't tell their traveling reps anything at all. He got all his info from
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    I live in the Kansas City area and there was a Palm rep at one of our local stores last week. I just happened to stop in there mid-day and when I asked a question of the tech support guy he pointed out the Palm rep and suggested I ask him. The rep told me he covered quite a large territory and it was just pure coincidence I caught him that particular day, but he was spending about 1/2 the day in that store.
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    well I feel 1.4 IS around the corner....I've been getting a lot of updates on my apps on the catalog, more than I've ever had bfore
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    Even the P|C guys are silent these days..seems like they're polishing their reviews of the 1.4-loaded Pre's to post them as soon as the OTA hits (we know you have it in your phones..damn those NDA's!!)
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    I went to the VZW store today to get my Pre+ replaced with another one.
    And guess what? There was a Palm rep visiting the store. She saw the blotch on my screen, took a picture, explained to the VZW rep, and I got another Pre+.
    She seemed nice.
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