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    For anyone else out there who uses Smugmug for their online photo albums.

    Here's a link to the official Smugmug suggestion forum where there is already a thread requesting a Smugmug app for the Pre/Pixi. You can easily sign in using your facebook, twitter, google or yahoo account and vote on the thread as well as leave a comment supporting the idea. Just search for "Pre" to find the current suggestion thread.

    They already have a couple of nice iphone/ipod apps that I assume could be converted over to the Pre as easily as some of the other programs we've gotten so I figured it wouldn't hurt to show some interest.
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    I wish the iPhone app allowed uploading. I'm sure after the PDK becomes publicly available it shouldn't be too difficult of a port. I have two accounts with SmugMug one pro and one consumer. Are there any developers on here that would like to take a stab at making an application with the current SDK?
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    I'll look at the API and see...
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    That would be fantastic if you are able to come up with something. I wish I could learn to build apps.
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    mhoepfin or anyone else out there still looking into this app?

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