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    I know there is zoom, but that makes everything bigger, including pictures, etc. I want to just be able to increase the text size, for when the page loads, preferably as a menu option similar to internet explorer: small, med, larger, largest. Double tapping helps fit to screen, but again it increases the size of the graphics too, tho not as much as the zoom does, and doesn't always work for some sections on the pages.
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    not that im aware of
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    No you can't as far I can tell. I just went in an looked around to be sure. I can look in the Palm OS Bible book that I purchased.

    But if you size the text without sizing the graphics or pictures, the web page would be screwed up totally.

    However, if you try and use the 'mobile' versions of websites, you sometimes have the ability to increase the size of the text.

    The NY Times for example: go to the bottom of the page and you will see an option to change the text in 3 modes: small, medium and large.

    Most sites have mobile versions that either start with 'm' or 'mobile'.

    So using my example of the NYTimes, you would normally type in "" but for the mobile version just type in

    PCWorld uses: and Facebook uses there own:

    Just try m or mobile, if it comes up, you in luck, if not that site probably doesn't offer a mobile version.

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    Thanks for the replies. I installed the iphone spoof to see if it would help. One site, Daily Kos: State of the Nation (yes I AM one of those HORRID liberals) displays the same way, with or without the patch. I can double tap the left side and it will fill to screen, but the other side that has recommended diaries, it doesn't work for. They have a mobile site,, but I don't care for the abbreviated format. I like how Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Guide shows up tho under the iphone spoof.

    How does internet explorer do it? It increased the font size, but maintains the integrity of the webpage, with no noticeable change to the graphics. I hope someone can come up with a patch.
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.

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