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    I have started using pocket mirror to sych my pre
    I want to wipe clean all the entries and then re-sych
    Can someone tell me how to clear the calendar?
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    Hi mate. There are two ways to do this.

    1) The easiest and safest way is not to delete your calendar entries, but just to hide them. Go into Calendar -> Preferences and Accounts -> Calendar View Options and then find the calendar in question in the list. Once you've found it, set "Display in All Calendars View" to OFF.

    2) The second way, which is much more hassle, is to do a Partial Erase of your phone. This will delete all contacts, calendar entries, messages, etc. It will not delete *anything* in your personal storage area (/media/internal) - but I would recommend the first solution.

    Hope this helps.

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