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    Hey i recently got the Itunes Remote app for the palm pre and everything works but when when trying to connect it to my phone it connects and says it on phone and itunes remote helper but on phone above the auto pairing button it says even after connecter "Status: Not connected with helper". I tryes port forwarding turning of firewall and i tryed the port tests and its all right and working but it still wont work.
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    You might want to wait more than eleven minutes for someone to see your post.
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    mmmk but that was no help at all someone please help me
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    lol happned to me to...
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    obviously there is many people with this problem
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    YO, no offense, but it was kind of hard reading your post. Hopefully this may help because this is how i got the app to work on my phone.

    After downloading the app, I connected my pre to my computer and selected, just charge. From there I went to the website and synced my pre with the program and inputed the code it provided.

    From there, open your itunes and look for the remote app on your itunes under 'devices' and click on it. input the same code you put on the pre onto your itunes. from there it should work. I hope this works. good luck!
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    Id didnt work but thanks anyway :S see the problem is everything connects and says it on itunes helper but when i pair it connects but instead of going to control itunes it says "Status: Not connected to helper". And it even says under Connection Progress Pairing succeeded but it still says what i said "Status: Not connected to helper".
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    Obviously no solution to the problem.

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