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    Hey everyone! I understand the iPhone has had Street View as part of Google Maps for some time... Is there a reason why I don't have it with my Palm Pre? I'm guessing it's because the big boys like Google and Apple WANT the Pre to fail...because I've noticed other things that have been blocked from getting to the Pre..
    For example, eReader (which was really made famous by Palm initially) was supposedly working on an app but has now released info that they will NOT create one for the Pre!
    I've heard it said that there aren't enough users of webOS to warrant an app...but it's not like they're creating something entirely new, right?
    Same with Street View on Google Maps. The software already's just a matter of patching to make it work with webOS!
    We have the most advanced phone OS out there (imho) and it seems as if everyone is trying to c***block it from getting any action! It's really making me aggravated!
    Any thoughts? Plus...anyone know if Street View will be made available eventually? It was supposed to have been in the works...but the last I heard of it was back in October of what gives?

    Thanks for you input!
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    I think the version of Google Maps on the Pre is server based, unlike on other platforms where it is a native app. I don't think Google is trying to boycott webos for any reason, they just haven't gotten around to updating it yet, or maybe it doesn't work so well on the server based solution that we get....who knows! But yeah, I'd love to see some street view love on our version too!
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    I suspect Google may use the PDK to make a native Google Maps application, in my past experience with Google Maps on the iPhone where it's native the experience was much better. One of the largest features I miss there is being able to pin things and set favorite pins.

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