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    As of right now, my Pre is dead. I got the "phone offline" error, and tried everything I could, even WebOS doctor as a last resort, and never backed up my contacts onto my computer.
    I was wondering if there is any emulator or something of that sort that can access my palm profile and pull all my contacts so I can get the database file for it just in case my next (aka 5th) Pre goes bad too.
    I'll be getting my new Pre Monday, but it'd be nice to have a piece of mind knowing all my contacts have been backed up on my computer for now.

    Any help or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Pre #1 - Dead earpiece out of box on release day
    Pre #2 - Stuck in headset mode by end of first week
    Pre #3 - Speaker on back actually blew
    Pre #4 - "Phone Offline" error
    Pre #5 - Arriving Monday... shall we take bets?
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    well if the phone only has the phone offline error then you should have no problem backing up the contacts to google
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    I did webOS doctor and can't get into my palm profile because I still have the phone offline error.
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    use the metadoctor to enable wifi for activating the palm profile
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    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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    My phone still gives me the Pleasant Blue Screen of Death (PBSoD) even after using meta-doctor. The only thing that got me past that was skipping the activation screen when I used meta-doctor, which doesn't let me get my Palm profile.

    So I'm still hoping to be able to log into an emulator or something for me to pull my contacts, otherwise I'll just wait until monday to do so.
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    I'm going to assume that there isn't any way to do this then without using my pre.
    Thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it.
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    i never tried but the emulator on the sdk.. does that work?

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