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    Anyone else get this error? It happens often when I don't have any cards in use. I would like to remove the card if one was available.
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    Restart your phone. There's also an app called Jstop which has a function that will generally free up enough memory to open a new card. I can normally open Jstop even with the too many cards error.
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    memory leak happens
    orange+sym+r to reboot it
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    I noticed that too yesterday for the first time when I tried to open the Asphalt5 demo for the first time. No cards open but not enough free memory. Too bad I had to restart my phone for it to work. Lame. Can you say they need to work on memory management a little bit.
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    i have been getting them alot lately but i just reset Luna and everying is peachy again lol
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    I use Luna Manager and just Restart Luna if I get that error. It closes all the applications that are open when it restarts. Restart takes 30 to a minute.

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