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    I heard there was an app that will give you reminders via led lights every so often if you miss one, is this true?
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    It's not official.
    It's a 'tweak'
    Hold on, i'll find a link 4u....
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    If ur new to this, then this is going to seem pretty overwhelming, but many Pre owners have taken this route to get things on their phone.
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    I put preware on my phone, it's simple. I don't know what to look under for the app though. You say it's a tweak?
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    I don't know for sure, i haven't done it.
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    thanks for the help. I will just search thru them all when I have a chance.
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    ur welcome, sorry it wasn't much.
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    You might be interested in the LED notifications patch. There's also a persistent notification patch for messages.
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    There is not app, above poster is correct. I use the LED notifications patch.

    From preware go to available patches > all > start typing in what your looking for and the list narrows.

    Or you can use WebOS Quick Install, Click Tools, Click Tweaks, there it is.
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    Just installed it thru preware, thanks alot. I might kill out the preware and redo it. out of 5 times I go to use preware it opens maybe 2 times. I keep trying it until it finally comes up.
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    Sometimes I find it slow to open, I personally turned off the feeds for Themes because they are really unnecessary since you can change most things on your own without themes. It seems to speed up the loading process in my opinion.

    I update feeds manually which saves loading time if you use preware regularly.
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    It's no biggy. If I can just get thru the error of installing the virtual keyboard I would be happy. It says to run the clean vkr but I can't find it.
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    In Preware go to "available other" then linux application then all and scroll down. You should find "CLEANUP VKB Files" that's how I found it right now.

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