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    I've only had this pre a week now and I have noticed a lock that comes on sometimes. I tried a search but came up with nothing. I don't know what I hit but I sometimes see a pic of a padlock on the bottom of the screen and have to slide it up to unlock it. Does anyone know how this think locks? It would come in handy when the screens on and I put it in my holster so it doesn't flip something on.
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    2 lock/unlock the phone jst click the power button
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    yeah the button on the top right corner of your phone turns the screen off, and if you hit it again turns the screen on.
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    on the pre with slider closed, the power button will lock screen, with the slider open, power button only dims screen off it doesnt lock it...
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    Not exactly sure what you're asking, but if your looking to protect your phone in addition to the front lock, you can also use a keypad, similar to the iPhone. If you go into your Launcher and click on "Screen & Lock", you'll see a section called "Secure Unlock". Turn this on and add a passcode. Now when you unlock your phone, you'll need to enter a 4 digit passcode to operate the phone.

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