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    Hi guys

    Really hope theres an easy fix for this. All of a sudden my pre has decided to stop playing music , youtube and game sounds though the external speaker but system sound (such as ring tone still work ) . All sounds work when headphones are plugged in , and i have reset the phone a few times .

    Any ideas ?


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    oh , an update on this . No dialing tone , or in-call sounds (i.e conversation) at all . HELP!!!!!!!
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    This is somewhat common and I have seen a couple threads on it, you should try searching.

    Just call your voicemail, blow a couple times into the headphone jack (like it's a NES game) and you'll magically hear sound again, that's what works for me when my phone was stuck in headset mode. I've had this problem multiple times before but it hasn't happened again for atleast a couple weeks.

    Look for this, it's on about the 6th page of todays post right now, sorry i don't know how to post links, "Stuck In Headset Mode? No Earpiece or Back Speaker Sound? [FIX]"
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    Same has thing happened to me but I figured out a fix for my incident.
    I was listening to music with the earphone jack in. Pulled it out without stopping the music and afterwards closing out of Music(remix) or Pandora(Has happened while using one or the other).

    Simple solution is to restart the music apps, play a song while earphones plugged in, stop song, close app, then pull out the jack. Voila
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