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    I think its pathetic that you wont get a phone because someone tells you its a "girly" phone. Are you that insecure with yourself? Was that really your girlfriend, that you took with you, or just a female friend, that you use as a ruse to hide your alternative lifestyle? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruhi View Post
    i have a ***** and a pre... It is not for woman!
    I want to know what the censored word was.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Think of a nickname for Richard...
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    I think they're trying to replicate what the Iphone did, hit the female market hard. I mean Apple's commercials with the dancing and the Indie rock were definitely not driven towards the testosterone market. I personally only have one male friend with the Iphone, and 7 women with it (none with the pre). I think the fact is, women buy more. They tend to control the money in a lot of families. It just makes sense to market to them. If it makes you insecure, but a DROID.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freeridstylee View Post
    If it makes you insecure, but a DROID.
    Sounds x-rated.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    I don't really care for those new commercials. But I also don't care what anyone thinks of me or my phone either. There's no such thing as a girl phone, well besides razrs, rumors and whatnot. If you're not secure enough to own the phone then don't.
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    well maybe the pre plus is a girl phone..but not the sprint pre..the missing led button on the plus makes it look like a chick phone..jk...all in fun
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    I think everyone is over reacting on this and I don't get why.

    It never ever said it was a GIRLS phone.

    "smart enough to keep up with Mom" - which means it's truly a real smartphone and we all know how smart mothers can be... you can't honestly tell me once in your life where your mother said a comment to you and you were shocked that she knows... lets be real mothers know everything about their children.

    This is actually quite a brilliant marketing plan for both Verizon and Palm. We're men. We splurge on our mothers and our wives/girlfriends. So what does this do... you get nagged and nagged and nagged to get a pre for who ever so that then drives you into the store.. then when you're there you're playing with the device and realize "oh wow this really is a cool phone and probably the best phone on the market" so, with that being said, you have a bogo promotion going on, and wham bam thank you ma'am devices start moving out the door.

    It's just how you view it. Most people are 'sheep' so you'll see "someone said that's a girls phone" and then people do what other people do/say because no one in this world really has any self identity anymore lol

    Plus Valentines day is about a week away so calm down it's not a permanent marketing strategy lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by freeridstylee View Post
    If it makes you insecure, but a DROID.
    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    Sounds x-rated.
    Lmao I was thinking the same thing

    I'm all for keeping it simple, like I said earlier I love the part of the Verizon ad where it just shows WebOS. It's so amazing and beautiful on its own that it doesn't need a gimmick, it sells itself and the gimmicks just hold it back.

    Now we have potential buyers and even Verizon reps calling it a girl phone. How many potential WebOS users are we loosing over this. I want Palm to make some cash and we need even the insecure "gimmicky" buyers.
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    Actually, I think I understand the insecurity. When the Pre is fully extended, it's much longer than the Droid. When that thing vibrates, it can be quite intimidating. Size matters.
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    I have a pre and my girlfriend has a droid...just sayin.

    unless a phone is pink it's not a "girls" phone.
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    I have an iPhone 3G, had it for 17 months now....when I first got it, it seemed that mostly techy guys and rich people had them. Here where I go to college (small college, about 1,200 students) I only knew of 2 guys, and the President of the college, that have iPhones. Now, 17 months laters, I can't believe how many girls I see walking around with iPhones, with their pink cases on! It's crazy, and I don't know when the change happened. My iPhone is on auction at ebay, and it ends in 15 hours. I've decided for a while now that I'm getting a pre from sprint (cheaper plan than verizon) as soon as the iPhone auction ends. I only know when other student (a guy!) here that has a pre. So maybe I'll set the trend here again!
    Anyways, I'm excited to get a pre. When I showed my girlfriend the pre and pixi on the palm website, she said in her opinion, the pixi looked more like a girl's phone, not the pre. That was good enough for me!
    And I'm excited for the homebrew apps and patches.
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    I could understand if the phone was pink with hearts and unicorns on it, but ****, it is a damn phone. So many people are so easily swayed by public opinion and the media.

    If you like the phone, just buy it! Who gives a fly **** what other people think!!??
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    FWIW, I know 4 guys with a Pre and 0 girls with one. Most the girls I know have the G1 or iPhone.
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    Don't be threatened. Get in touch with your feminine side - get a pre!
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    What it boils down to: Does anyone else's opinion other than yours really matter? If you like the Pre and think that's the phone for you then your decision should be obvious. Put your pride aside ... it's just a phone.
    That's a valid point but the problem is with the Verizon sales people. I've read about people going in to buy a Pre Plus and the employees saying that it's a girls phone. It seems like they are trying to discourage men from buying a Pre Plus. Just because there was one commercial directly advertising it to women doesn't mean it's solely for women. I think Verizon just put out that commercial for Valentine's day.

    Verizon really has to put out a new commercial directed towards men before it's too late and the Pre is permamently associated as a women's phone.
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    I'm 6' tall and drive a Mazda Miata... I've heard the "its a girly car" thing so much but who the hell cares, get what you like and be a man. I also happen to own a Pre, but I've never had anyone tell me it looks like a girls phone. If they did I might be liable to beat the **** out of them on the spot, not really but yeah.
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    When I went into Verizon to look at phones they were more interested in selling me Fios TV and Internet and couldn't have cared less about selling me a cellphone. So I appeased them and answered their silly questions all the while trying out the Pre. Silly salesmen. I went and ordered mine online that night.
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    Hello people! Palm is simply working the numbers as to which market segment they call see the most phones into. The Pre is a wolf in sheep's clothing. If Verizon advertises it to women, that only increases the value of your device as a chick magnet. Every night of the week, you will be inviting another friend over to your apartment, setting up Preware on her phone, and using the Pre as the slicer for your wine and cheese. No fart apps on the first date please, and if you don't install WebOS Quick install on her home computer, she's pretty much guaranteed to stay interested in you and your massive Pre knowledge. You will have friends for life!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmniphoto View Post
    I have a pre and my girlfriend has a droid...just sayin.

    unless a phone is pink it's not a "girls" phone.
    If my Pre were pink, I wouldn't have it.
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