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    **Warning - satirical post ahead!**

    Okay, I fixed my battery drain. My Pre (Sprint) has had the worst battery drain I have ever seen on any phone or laptop ever. I would take it off the charger around 6am and it would be dead by 11am-12pm. I installed the battery monitor and it reported 20% drain per hour. I searched this site to no avail and thought about switching out my battery for my fiance's since her battery life has always been awesome. I am sure she would notice so I scrapped that plan.

    Well, a few days ago my keyboard stopped working on the Pre so I took it to a Sprint store. They took it in and they told me it would be ready in 2 hours. I called 2 hours later and they told me that they could not fix it. When I got to the store though, it was fixed! I happily left the store and tried to call my fiance and to my surprise, "Your account cannot be validated." Huh?

    Long story short, they replaced the core elements of my phone and my number was no longer attached to the phone. I took it back and they labored for a while to no avail, they couldn't fix it. I tried to sign into my palm profile after a partial erase and it didn't work.

    The store manager, asked if there were any Refurbed Pre's in the back and he was told no. Knowing that I could not wait till Monday for a phone he said "****** it, just give him a new one." They pulled a BRAND NEW Pre from the shelves and gave it to me. I took this one off the charger at 8am this morning and it is now 11pm EST and I am at 40%, I love this phone again!

    Edit: I talked on the phone for about 20 minutes and it is at 38% at 12:03am, good night!
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    cool i am glad your happy now. its a great phone.

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