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    Wow. I went to the sprint store today to get another touchstone, and got caught up playing with the pixi on display. It was the first time ive ever actually used one and I was throughly impressed. I really really really like the phone, and if I had some money to blow right now I would get one on in a second. It was way more responsive and snappy then I imagined and the phone was just insanely slim and sexy. I really like webos sans the center button. When the bar of light moves in the direction you swipe, I thought that was really tasteful. What really just a huge fan of the phone now, and I really think if I had it instead of the pre, I wouldn't miss the pre too much. 3d gaming is cool and all, but the pixi just seems like a really practical phone to me. I loved the keyboard, It really is much better than the pres. The build quality was really impressive, the whole phone just felt solid. Ive never been one to care at all about camera phones but the 2 meg camera seemed pretty capable to me. I still love my pre, but I definitely have some pixi envy. If I can find a way to get one on a good deal I think i might go for it. The one and only complaint I have, which happens to be a compliment at the same time, is that the phone feels too light. Ive come from a long line of clunky heavy phones and the pixi is just unbelievably light.

    On a side note, thumbs up for sprint. When I went in there the guy who helped me was really nice and helpful and they had a deal where I got a case for my pre for 10 dollars with the purchase of touchstone. I was very pleased with the customer service there.

    Overall, it was a good day to be a sprint/palm fan.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that the pixi wins most underrated phone 2009 hands down.
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    I agree. Overall I think the pixi is right up there with the pre, minus the 3D gaming and wi-fi. As far as speed/snappiness goes, I think there isn't really noticable difference between the pre and pixi, unless you're trying to open a ridiculous amount of cards (like more than one person can use at once). Yeah WebOS can multi-task but who can really do more than a few things at once anyways. The form factor is very appealing all around (especially switching from a centro). I currently show 115 various packages installed in preware and they have really made the phone even more of a pleasure to own.

    +1 on the "I forgot to mention that the pixi wins most underrated phone 2009 hands down"

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