Bought Need for Speed the day it came out. Fun game. Got to level 3. Then, I exchanged my Pre and in the new phone, none of my progress was transferred. Bummer, but not unexpected.

So I go through the whole game again. Get through 22 of the 24 races, and have only 2 left (I think). Then, just now, I go to play & it's dumped me back to the beginning again. What the hell!

It's a fun game, but really, it's no fun playing a progressive game when you sporadically lose all your progress/ settings. Really annoyed, I don't think I'll even try a third time. Disappointed, and leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Any solutions for this? Do other games suffer from the same problem? $10 isn't a ton of money, but for a game like this, this is a fatal flaw. I'll no longer recommend the game and I'm officially wary of all EA titles.

I'm putting them on notice.