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    Is wi-fi file transfer possible like transfer movies, pictures, music,data. I know there is wireless sync, but i mean instead of using the data cable would this be possible through webos internals or something. Anyone with knowledge please answer.
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    Nothing that I am aware of. I have been looking for this since I got my Pre. I just did a quick search of the forums and can not find a solution either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregcolon3 View Post
    Is wi-fi file transfer possible like transfer movies, pictures, music,data. I know there is wireless sync, but i mean instead of using the data cable would this be possible through webos internals or something. Anyone with knowledge please answer.

    I've been wanting this for the longest time. Just seem like it be easier, for us that is. Im sure it'd be a pain in the *** to make it work with windows fileshare. Idk about mac sharing, and i'd like to keep it that way
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    well I would assume that wifi transfer would just be a heck of alot eaisier and much faster than bluetooth also there are very few laptops with bluetooth. I only know of the macs that have and maybe one or two more brand.

    kind of off topic but there technology being worked on to have wifi head sets. As in instead of bluetooth headsets it would be a wifi headset. Advantage increase in range. Disadvantage not as secure, from what I've read its being worked on
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    Yes it is possible. Look on the webos-internals website for info.

    Look under the Optware stuff, you'll need to install Optware Bootstrap, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, OpenSSH sftp server, zlib and Optware Advanced Linux Command Line Installer. All those can be found on Preware. You'll need WinSCP as well, which is what you use on the PC side.

    After you install all the optware stuff on the Pre using Preware, put phone into Developer mode, and then reboot the phone.

    Install WinSCP. It will install the WinSCP client, as well as some other things.
    One of those things is puTTYgen. Use that to generate a public/private key pair. Webos-internals site has info on how to do this. You'll need to remember the passphrase. The private key stays on the laptop.

    Now connect to Pre using putty direct connection via the usb cable. Create a file called "authorized_keys" under /home/root/.ssh using an editor such as vi. Paste the public key info from puTTYgen into that file. Save file. Exit putty.

    Turn off developer mode. Reboot phone.

    Make sure you know the ip of the Pre on your local network. Launch WinSCP.

    Create a new session, put the Pre ip into Host name, and make sure port # is 22. File protocol is SFTP. Under private key file, select the private key you generated and saved earlier to your PC.

    On the left, under Environment, select SFTP. For SFTP server, type in "/opt/libexec/sftp-server.

    Now click Save and give it a name. Then select it and click Login. Make sure Pre is awake or on Touchstone or plugged in. It should connect. Login as root, then type the passphrase you selected earlier when you generated the public/private key files. You should then see on the left the PC file system, and on the right the Pre file system.

    Any questions, ask away and I'll try to help.
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    I would love to see this. It makes the wireless concept started by the touchstone become reality.
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    Check out xorg tools:

    It includes dropbox syncing, and I believe direct CIFS syncing as well, without the complexity of post 5 above.

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    I hope someone make a simple to use app. This would be so cool!
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    That is what I was explaining in my post......

    Its not really difficult, just takes some time to get set up. Once everything is set up, it couldn't be faster. Launch WinSCP, click saved session, click login, type root, type passphrase (for the key) and boom. And no cords, cables, anything. Heck most of the time my Pre is sitting in the next room on the touchstone.....
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    but then palm coundnt make money on there over priced data cables and chargers I went to the sprint store the other day to get the touch stone and they wanted 80 bucks just for the stone and another 20 for the back **** that **** they can eat my **** for a 100 bucks were in a resesion palm
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    Xorg tools!

    The developer is still working on this.

    It can do 'dropbox' and a full backup of the media partition, that is your music and photos.

    But so far that backup feature does not working reverse, you can't put something in the backup folder and get it copied back to the Pre, you would need to use 'dropbox' to get the files back to your Pre and move them using Internalz.

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    after I managed to perform SSH, following the guide at Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals, I have noticed a significant change to my phone's battery performance. While before the battery performed quite well -it lasted for 1 day, also it was healthy at about 76%-, now it performs very bad, and it is healthy at 58%. Why has this happened after SSH? The WinSCP client on the PC is closed. Does the SSH session stay open on the Pre, and I need to close it in some way? Why the battery health went down to 58%? Some help please.

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